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Holiday Heroes: the beauty essentials

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Find out what products I'll be packing for the Bahamas!

I can't believe I'm off to the Bahamas next month. Paradise here I come! I've always wanted to go to this beautiful part of the world and now I actually get to go which is a dream come true. Those crystal clear waters are calling my name!

The thing is, how hard is it to pack your makeup bag when you go on holiday? Right! Super hard. What with all the lotions and oils, I mean we aren't just talking for the face but the body too. You also have to consider how much you CAN pack depending on your luggage allowance. This is such a small part of the packing, said no one ever. Just imagine how annoyed you'd be if you forgot that shimmer lotion you always save for holidays or special occasions. The beauty bag is essential. Not only will it feel good to have a bit more choice rather than your rushed everyday makeup but you'll feel amazing wearing all your "special" makeup in such an exotic and fabulous part of the world. Wherever you may be.

Get my 411 on packing those beauty essentials or as I like to call them,"holiday heroes."




  1. Lipstick/Lipgloss

  2. Lip balm

  3. Tinted moisturiser

  4. Liquid/cream blush

  5. Bronzer

  6. Highlighter/illuminator

  7. Brow gel

  8. Waterproof mascara

  9. False lashes (optional)

  10. Eyeshadow palette

Have at least one lipstick and lipgloss with you. This is mainly for nighttime as in the day you'll need to be coating on the lip balm to maintain hydration whilst out in the hot sun, especially when sun bathing, so make sure it has SPF. Blistering lips are so not sexy! Some of my faves are Paw Paw - an Australian brand, By Terry's Rose, and Burt's Bees natural rose tinted balm. However, for the day like I said you need to have SPF in them so why not go for Malibu Sun Stick with SPF 30 which also tastes amazing with it's tropical holiday flavour, not that you eat it, but it is on your lips if you get what I mean.

I love Chanel's red lipstick shown above as it is such a classic red and is long lasting with a slight sheen so goes on quite creamy and doesn't dry out the lips. The colour is 99 Pirate in the Rouge Allure collection. If the colour isn't enough to sway you it has a very "bond girl"case it comes in which pops out like a bullet. Very 00 chic!

I would avoid matte lipsticks on holiday, especially if it is really hot because you'll just be prone to chapped lips. Personally you can't go wrong with a red, it's daring, exotic and looks drop dead gorgeous on anyone! Lipgloss is fun and easy and you can apply this over other lipsticks or wear alone if you're going for a more natural look or just want a bit of a glaze.

Tinted moisturiser is a holiday life saver. NARS or Chanel do an awesome one that leaves your skin feeling hydrated yet with added dewiness that's sheer and subtle. Both these products have SPF in so you don't have to worry about extra sun protection. Just make sure you choose your colour or close to it as they are tinted after all.

Liquid or cream blush work great when you are away particularly somewhere hot. Holiday makeup should be at least 80% liquid/cream in my opinion. You don't want to be getting dry at all and lots of powders and matte products won't help after a long day "baking". Plus, liquid blushers look amazing on sun kissed skin, they bring out the natural colour in your cheeks and enhance them with a fresh dewy finish. It's easy to use and blends into the skin.

Bronzer, well who doesn't love bronzer hey! If you can go all out with liquids then don't be shy. You can get liquid bronzers/highlighters like Benefit's Sun Beam which I love or check out NARS! You can sculpt your face in the evenings to bring out that sexy tan even more. I have a great bronzer I love to take away with glitter in it. I got mine in a cute boutique in Rome but have seen that Guerlain do limited edition sparkly ones from time to time. I love it because every way I turn, my face is lit up with sparkles which makes me feel like an Arabian Princess!

Don't forget about the highlighter/illuminator as they work wonders on holiday what with keeping your skin moisturised and adding that beautiful sheen to your face. Take at least one of these. They work in multiple ways on the face so you actually save room by not needing all the extra products in between. I love using my MAC mineralise skin finish highlighter under my brows and down the bridge of my nose.

*Top tip, add some to the top of your cupid's bow (the cute little arch at the top of your upper lip) to achieve a plump film star finish topped off with some gloss for extra sex appeal.

Brow gel is all you need ladies, no need for the pencils and wax products in my eyes. You don't want to be in the bathroom all evening wasting valuable drinking and dining time but at the same time you do want to add some definition. Try and get a brow gel with a hint of colour in. I have been using one called Browcote. They sharpen the brow and create a lovely polished shape with a bit of shine. What with your perfect red lip, the focus will be all about that so no need to spend hours perfecting the brows, but hey if that's your thing, go for it, we all have our own beauty routine and habits.

It's a no brainer, you're on holiday, you're swimming, sweating, posing by the poolside, waterproof mascara is ESSENTIAL - unless you like rocking the panda look. Nothing more to say there. Depending on budget there are lots of great brands that cater for waterproof options. Chanel have them and I think "Le Volume" is a winner. Lancome are known for best selling mascaras and equally you can't go wrong with Loreal for a bargain buy.

If you love to get a bit dolled up of an evening maybe you'll want to put on some falsies. I love the Eyelure collections and find they feel pretty natural and comfortable on the eye. Having trained as a Lash therapist, I also love to get Individual lash extensions occasionally. No mascara necessary and time is of the essence! If you guys are interested, let me know and I'd love to get you "lashed up" in time for the holiday season.

Palettes are a dream aren't they! You get like 3 in 1 what with all the choices of shades and ease of use. I recently got one from NIP + FAB.

It comes with a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one. I mean there's 3 of your products right there. They are powder but only very sheer so I would say they are suitable for holidays as won't be strong enough to clog or "suffocate" the skin. Take a trusty eyeshadow palette with a couple of shades, maybe some bright and some dark for say a smoky eye get up.



  1. Oil

  2. Hand cream

  3. Suncream 30+ (no explanation needed)

  4. Aftersun (revive, revive, revive)

  5. Shimmer (just because we all love sparkle)

I came across this HEI POA product when I was working in Selfridges and a french girl I worked with used to rave about it, so I got her to bring me back some from France when she went back. My god, it's incredible. I found the brand again myself when I went to France on a trip with my mum but you can get it online. I got the shimmer version with a hint of bronze. This is super sexy on holiday because you can wear it on your arms, legs and even décolletage. You instantly feel glam and refreshed what with the extra moisture it has being an oil.

L'OCCITANE hand cream is my favourite! I love all things french so it's no surprise, but they do skincare extremely well. The ingredients are all natural and smell rich and divine. They leave your hands silky smooth and not greasy. The size of them come in all ranges but I love the mini versions for holidays and adventures of course! The classic scent is gorgeous made with shea butter and other ones have different scents so it depends what takes your fancy really. I just love them all!

Minis were made for holidays!

They are super handy and take up far less space than full sized products. If you can get your hands on a few products in a mini version then you're winning! Sometimes NARS do mini testers when you purchase a few items together. When you're next at a makeup counter ask if they have any promotions on. Ask all your favourite brands as you never know until you ask. I recently trialled Birchbox and fell in love with the goodies it came with. They are a perfect size, not too big, not too small. It's great if you have never tried the brand before as this is like a demo for what's on offer. I'll definitely be taking a few of these away with me, you guys should try them out. I think it's perfect for trying other brands and if you love them you can buy the full sized product later, plus the marketing is super cute what with the pretty box they come in that you can totally use as a makeup holder and display piece!

What are your fave products to take abroad? in my opinion. You don't want to be getting dry at all and lots of powers and matte products won't help after a long day "baking". Plus, liquid blushers look amazing on sun kissed skin, they bring out the natural colour in your cheeks and enhance them with a fresh dewy finish. It's easy to use and blends into the skin.

Have you guys tried any of my "can't live without" products?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

My Bahamas holiday blogs will be here soon...

Love N x

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