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10 Top Tips for stress free Holiday Packing

Updated: May 11, 2018

Do you find holiday packing one big chore?

Do you dread putting aside time to sort the suitcase?

Does the thought of packing stress you out so much, you leave it until the very last minute and then wish you'd spent more time doing it because now you've forgotten your beloved holiday one piece!

Well, after reading this, I hope you look forward to packing all your lovely luxuries and don't feel at all stressed doing it. If anything, it's the exciting part because you're almost in holiday most and very close to jetting off but just not quite. You can basically hear the sound of those waves caressing the silky shores and you know there's a Long Island waiting with your name on it.

  1. This is the time to treat yourself to new holiday attire. You want to feel special when you're away on your exotic adventures so dress the part, take pictures and treasure the special moments. Get that new bikini you saw when window shopping or those cute gold wedges you've had your eye on since Spring.

  2. Pack day by day. This is so much easier than just throwing a load of stuff together and hoping for the best. How many days are you going for? Pack one day outfit and one night outfit for each day. Easy Peasy right!

  3. Do add in a few extra lightweight tops, they don't take up much room and you never know what colour you may be in the mood for. Plus, it's a safety thing, if you drop your "ohh so fresh" Margarita down yourself after one too many, you'll be saved by that other cute crop top.

  4. Don't pack things just for the sake of it. Really consider what you're taking because you want to be able to bring pack some goodies from your hols and don't want to feel restricted by no suitcase space. I mean, you aren't seriously going to leave that one in a million straw hat behind are you?!

  5. Try and imagine yourself wearing the outfits. Try them on before to be sure everything matches. Do a catwalk for your bestie or loving boyfriend (who would much rather be playing FIFA).

  6. Don't forget the accessories, they are the finishing touch to those lovely outfits of yours. Remember some playful earrings that are just "oh so holiday!" Remember your fave scarf or beach throw, these work well on the beach especially when it gets a bit chilly once the sun has gone down. Don't forget your beach hat and any fun hair pieces. I love to take away a small hair scarf that I wrap around my hair and love the way it looks beach boho chic. Don't forget your sunnies, whatever you do!

  7. Depending on how long you're going away for, maybe look into getting a few mini products. They take up less room and are ideal for travelling. I love getting mini hairsprays, hair oil and mini wet wipes which are super handy. Check out the hair heat protectors from Boots. Great value for great purchases! Oh and mini sea salt sprays!

  8. Give yourself enough time to get anything else you want or need by packing a good few days before you are due to go. If you were flying on a Friday, why not make a start on Monday that week or even the weekend just before. If you're a last minute packer like a lot of people I know, that's totally fine but it may be a bit stressful having to rush around on your lunch break the day before to grab extra bits. Take the pressure off!

  9. What will you be doing on holiday? Will you be hiking up mountains, doing a spot of snorkelling or just lounging by the pool. Whatever it may be, think what you'll need to make these activities comfortable and enjoyable. Maybe you want to take your exercise gear along with some goggles or perhaps a backpack and hell, maybe an emergency travel kit. These extras make all the difference and saves you buying items out there along with removing the risk of not being able to do a certain activity you've been so excited about.

  10. Obviously the weather needs to be taken into consideration. Take precautions for it may change and you won't really know until you're out there. We can't control the weather unfortunately we just have to leave that to mother nature and hope for the best. Pack a variety of clothes so you're not stuck! Pack jeans, shorts, shirts and strappy tops. If the weather is predicted to be really hot then trust it to a certain extent and pack say only 1 pair of jeans. You don't need loads of everything just a few back ups. Don't forget a jacket or a light cardigan, again, weather dependant. Jackets take up more space though so just judge your packing as you go. The same goes for shoes. The mix of different items means you can pair things easily with the top and bottom.

See how easy it can be...

Just a little bit of time put aside earlier rather than later with some cracking playlists on high volume and you'll be packing like a pro before you know it!

You'll have everything you need and more!

Next stop for me...The Bahamas!

See ya!

N x

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