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The Most Beautiful Proposal

Little did I know that the Bahamas wasn't just another place to tick off the list but a life changing moment that really would change everything.

Surrounded by palm trees and bright fuschia pink flower bushes, my boyfriend and I took an evening stroll to Cabbage beach (one of the top beaches we had yet to go to).

I had got a little dressed up because why the hell not, I was loving life in The Bahamas and felt exotic and sun kissed from our first day experiencing the life of a Bahamian.

The funny thing is, I had it in my mind that I'd be taking the opportunity of this beautiful beach visit as one that involved lots of photos and poses with my new holiday attire and accessories (especially my Libby Pearse scarves). I soon found out that this was far from what would really happen and my expectations of the beach would be beyond anything I could ever imagine.

I took in the gorgeous scenery and immersed myself in nature. A few quick photos on the way but these were very rushed by my boyfriend who seemed very eager with his long quick strides forcing my little legs to catch up in what seemed like a slow run. I mean, what was the rush about. I let it slip and thought he must just be very excited to get to our destination. It's hard to keep up with someone as tall as him at the best of times.

After about 20 minutes of speed walking we finally reached this god send of a beach. How spoilt I felt to step foot on such a breathtaking part of the world. I could see the ocean in the distance beyond the silky shores that lay ahead. We descended hand in hand down the oak wooden steps onto what I can only describe as pure paradise. "Wow" is all I could manage in such a perfect moment, one that was almost emotional by the overwhelming beauty.

My boyfriend started reminiscing about holidays we had been on and how they differed or had similarities to this one yet all I could do was stare and smile at the views ahead of me. Let's just say my responses weren't exactly as attentive as he would have liked them to be considering what was about to happen...any minute now. We walked a bit further down the beach passing just one man but no one else. The sunset was incredible and it was prime time to see it so we were in luck but it was slowly disappearing beneath the deep blue ocean.

Why I wore wedges to the beach, I shall never know. I think it was to complete the outfit and I'd seen models wearing wedges on the beach shooting for Vogue and Bazaar so why the hell couldn't I. Well, now I know, for one I don't have my own personal team of shooting coordinators and no costume lady anywhere to be seen to make sure I'm comfortable the majority of the time, slipping on crazy high heels as little as possible for the takes but hey, I had my own model moment even if it didn't quite seem as glamorous as those cover girls make it. Plus, how crazy... walking in them the whole way before even reaching the beach!

So, the real Natalia comes into play and off they come, barefoot and happy with that thank you very much. Sandy toes all the way! Australia was next on the list for Sean's conversation starters and this one made me feel a bit funny, good funny of course. All of a sudden I could sense he was getting very personal and emotional talking about our big move we are making with each other in the next few months. He reached out for my arms and pulled me in close before I wondered off too far dipping my toes in the sea. Before I could even figure out what was happening...down he goes.

On one knee, he pulls out a perfect shell and inside appears a blinding sparkly object that one can only call a perfect diamond ring. I'm completely overwhelmed with emotions, shocked beyond anything I'd ever felt before, beside myself with happiness. It started to slowly sink in and he spoke the words of a true gentleman. And so, with an amber glow of the sunset behind me (now all the rushing makes sense, he didn't want us to miss the sunset) and the sound of waves kissing the surface of the shore my answer was YES. On goes the ring and its a perfect fit. The funny thing is, as amazing as the diamond was, all I could do was look at him. This is the moment that we all dream off as a little girl and wish for the day to come and be as perfect as is possible. Personal, sincere and one that leaves a lasting imprint on our lives. Today was that day and I don't think the feeling will ever leave me.

After much affection and a few swings in the sand we walked along the seafront taking in what had just happened. He thought I would cry and was quite surprised by my reaction but all I can say is, I was in complete and utter shock, shock of happiness but so deep that I couldn't even bring myself to cry for I had dreamed of this moment and it was really happening! The tears came later though I can assure you, once it had kicked in more and because of how beautiful it was and how he had made me feel. I felt like a little girl smiling ear to ear for I had found my Prince, as corny as that sounds, I really had. I was a Princess in the middle of a perfect and beautiful proposal.

Arial... eat your heart out!

Love N X

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