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How to Pick the Perfect Polarized Sunglasses: Shop online at Levur

Affordable, fashionable Sunnies you just can't live without!

Get yourself a pair of these sunglasses sooner, rather than later. They are wear resistant with anti-reflective lens and if that's not enough, they are polarised too.

For someone who loves the sun as much as me, one thing I can't live without is a good pair of sunnies. I'm always on the lookout for a new pair that catch my eye, whether that be the awesome colour, oversized frame or elegant style.

I came across this brand Levur whilst doing some online browsing in preparation for the hot summer months ahead.

Based in California, this brand is inspired by the European style and latest trends of "the now". What I love about this brand is that they aim to provide a variety of different styles of glasses to help everyone express their own personal style. The selection of sunglasses are classic, hand picked and unique which makes them a very popular choice. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable fashionable products then you've come to the right place.

Become a loyal Levurian today and purchase a pair with my unique brand ambassador's code for 15% off! Everyone loves a bargain!

So..."stalk me" on instagram, in other words follow me and you can take advantage of my discount code NATALIANAKKAR15 and if that's not enough: you'll get FREE worldwide shipping. How great is that! I hate those extra spends so this makes you feel very satisfied.

I love the styles available and the Sierra Sunnies at just $39.99 in particular stood out to me because of the blue mirrored effect which just shouts "oh so trendy" and of course the cat-eye style which is retro yet exudes luxury. The blue sheen reminds me of the ocean and I imagined myself relaxing by the pool in these babies the minute I saw them. 

There are so many colours to choose from: Black, Pink, Silver and even a fiery Red for those that are bold enough. These sunglasses come at a very reasonable price but still maintain quality with suitable UV protection. Sexy, safe shades as I like to call them.

The shape of my pair is different, especially with the silver frame which I like because it makes them unique to others and the style is all the range at the moment - uber modern. 

They go with all bikinis and I really enjoyed wearing my chosen pair with a white one-piece costume. It paired really well and worked great from day to night.

Just look at those palm trees in those awesome reflections from the shades...

I totally match the pool!

My go to look for poolside chic with a touch of glamour

Levur does a range of designs similar to this pair and also quite the opposite so there's something for everyone, whatever your style.

If you're someone who finds it difficult to choose a pair because you're worried they might not suit you, do not worry! As I said earlier, Levur cater for all so you will find your dream pair.

Natalia's top tips for choosing the perfect pair of Sunnies to suit you

  • Colour choice- what colour would go with your style and clothes the best

  • Think of the shape of your face and how the shades would sit

  • Levur do round and cat-eye shaped glasses. What takes your fancy?

  • Diamond faces usually suit cat-eye glasses best due to the balance given

  • Strong cheekbones and jawlines usually suit round glasses which soften the face

  • Oval faces tend to suit most sunglasses, it's a win win for you guys!

You'll be the beach babe everyone's got their eye on, excuse the pun!

All you need now is some scorching sun and a cocktail in hand.

Don't forget to take advantage of my brand ambassador discount code to get yours at a great price. All you have to do is Follow me on instagram and the code will activate when you go through to your basket online at Levur. Enjoy becoming a Levurian guys!

Sporting my Sierra Sunglasses in The Bahamas

Love N X

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