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The only Luxury Scarves and Accessories you need this year: Libby Pearse Design

Choose from a range of stunning colours, designs and fabrics. Compliment any outfit!

Cadiz scarf

She's the hottest scarf designer of the year in my opinion. If you're after a new scarf to add to your collection, you've come to the right place so look no further. Not only does she do scarves but other gorgeous accessories so carry on reading to find out more...

Top picks from Libby Pearse herself include: The Bilbao beach bag (digitally printed silk cotton with a hessian base) and two of her latest designs - The Cadiz print scarf shown above and the Menorca print scarf below. What's not to love right?!

And so, with bundles of fabric, colours of the rainbow and a click of her camera, one idea conquers all...

My good friend Libby Pearse is a specialist in her field of luxury print designs for fashion accessories, scarves and Kaftans. She is based in Southampton and has superior skills having trained in the very prestigious City of London. Not only is she a great friend, one I always have such a laugh with but she has a beautiful range of bespoke scarves that she has build up over a period of time. She also has available makeup bags, kaftans and her most recent range are some fabulous beach bags.

Who is this designer and where did she come from?

So after studying print design and womenswear fashion design at the London College of Fashion, Libby decided to set up her own business. She found the easiest way to put her prints on fabric and started with a small budget would be the best way to design a range of scarves that could only be built upon and expanded in time to come.

They are not designed to current trends i.e. colours, she just designs things she likes and has a passion for. Bright, fun and colourful prints which are luxurious, yet affordable. She started off taking photos of her surrounding environment and used nature as her main inspiration. Travel is very important to Libby and you can see this coming through in her designs as they express an exotic and cultured feel. She then uploads these pictures and plays around with them on the computer. Libby also does a lot of drawings to create abstract original designs that she makes her own.

Menorca scarf

Libby sells to small boutiques and independent department stores and so many of her customers soon suggested she designed beachwear because her prints are so colourful and eye-catching. Because of this, she has now expanded her business and produces beautiful beach bags in addition to her ever growing accessories.

She does everything herself, from design to selling, accounting to graphic design, social media and marketing. Her aim and drive is to grow into an international brand, selling clothing and interior accessories. The sky is the limit!

I was lucky enough to represent Libby recently by taking a load of these luscious goodies to The Bahamas in order to showcase them to the world outside of London.

It may seem biased as I'm her friend but honestly I can't recommend these scarves highly enough. I wear them all the time! Literally, if I'm struggling with an outfit or feeling a bit boring, I'll throw on a scarf and eh voila - I feel,"oh so uplifted".

The colours compliment all different skin tones and the patterns are varied so they really are loved by all.

Being someone who absolutely adores the sea and all that goes with it, I fell in love with these scarves straight away because to me, there is a strong message of nature and some kind of freedom. The softness and subtle designs are far from being too busy. Put it this way, none of them are going to give you a headache from looking at them. No, not these, they finish of any outfit, turn heads and yet make it all seem rather effortless. I'm always busy and rushing around. In this day and age most of us are so why get stressed about the little things like not being able to add all the accessories you might like. Instead, invest in one of these beauties and just go with it, throw on and enjoy-it's that easy. They have become an essential part of my wardrobe what with seasonal darker, warmer colours that suit Autumn/Winter time among very bright and pastel coloured designs that just scream Summer!

Bilbao beach bag

They leave a lasting impression... one like no other!

Lugo scarf

Check out Libbypearsedesign on instagram and follow her for updates on her collection.

She takes enquiries so be sure to check out the designs and fall in love all over again.

This girl is really going somewhere and I'm so excited to watch her grow and to continue following her on her journey.

Come back soon to read all about my trip to The Bahamas - best holiday yet and for a very special reason indeed! Can you guess what happened?

CLUE: It all began once I descended these steps onto what I can only describe as Paradise...

Love N X

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